5 Christmas Tree Traditions

In our house, putting up the tree is a very exciting part of the holidays.  So... I thought it would be fun to share our 5 Christmas Tree Traditions with you.  

Here they are:

1)  Picking out the tree -- We always go as a family to pick out the tree.  It is always fun to listen to everyone making a case for their favorite tree. 

2)  Hot Chocolate -- We always make a big batch of hot chocolate to drink while we decorate the tree.  The boys are allowed to add marshmallows, chocolate chips, and little bits of candy canes.

3)  Cookies -- While my husband puts the tree in the stand and puts on the lights, the boys and I make cookies.  With all the excitement of getting and decorating the tree, a "baking shortcut" {like using a cookie mix or ready-to-bake cookies} is always a good idea.

4)  Hanging the first ornaments - After we unpack all the ornaments, each boy takes a turn picking his favorite ornament and hanging it on the tree.

5)  Countdown to lighting -- After the tree is fully decorated, we do a "countdown from 10", and then my husband turns on the tree lights. 

Do you have any Christmas tree traditions in your family?


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Wow what great traditions. Love the idea of baking whilst someone does the hard bit of adding the lights. Will have to try that.

  2. It's great hearing other people's traditions, especially around the holidays. We turn out all of the lights (except the tree lights and one other little light), turn on xmas music and let the kids go for it. My husband and I sit back and watch (with a beverage in hand). I usually have to do some minor rearranging once they've gone to bed but our tree definitely never has that "designer look" and I like it that way.


  4. When I was very young, my family would grab a pillow and lie down around the lit Christmas tree with our heads under the branches. One of my parents would read a children's book about Jesus' birth. I believe that ours was called "The Nativity". When my son was born, we continued this tradition; although we tend to either spread the story over several nights leading up to Christmas Eve or read the whole story every Sunday in December. There is something magical about looking up into the lights of the Christmas tree.

  5. We always make a big to-do about decorating the tree - so many of the ornaments have memories associated with them we like to look back on. I really like the idea of a countdown for turning on the lights!


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