Disney Craft {Personalized Autograph Books}

We went to Disney World for March break, and we decided to treat the boys to a "Breakfast with the Characters".  So... when I saw some adorable autograph books at Craftomaniac, I knew I had to do a version for my boys {and their cousins who came with us}.

I don't have a fancy craft cutter, so I tried to keep things simple. 

Here's what I did: 

1)  I downloaded a Mickey Mouse silhouette and traced it onto a piece of cardstock.  I also cut a two squares of cardstock (one for the front cover and one for the back cover) and a letter (initial) in a contrasting color.

2)  I taped the silhouettes and letters in place (using double sided tape) and had the front and back covers laminated at a business supply store.

3)  I cut about 15 pieces of blank paper (for each book) and used a hole punch to put holes in the tops of the pages and the covers.  Then, I secured everything in place with key rings.

4)  Finally, I added some cute ribbon so the boys could hang the books around their necks.

The personalized books were a huge success, and the boys had a great time getting autographs from all their new Disney friends.  :-)

I think Mickey liked them too.  :-)

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. Just adorable! We went to Disney two years ago...my son's Make a Wish...and had an amazing time. Still trying to get time to scrapbook it all.

    1. It really is a special place. I am sure you made some great memories with your little guy. :-)

  2. So cute!! They will treasure those autograph books forever!!

  3. What a great idea! I definitely want to do this for our next Disney trip!!!

    1. It was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend a character breakfast and using a fast pass at Disney to meet Mickey. :-)

  4. GREAT JOB! love them. DISNEY ROCKS. xo jen


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