Easter Egg Fillers

Looking for some ideas to fill those plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt?  I came up with a fantastic little list of inexpensive and unique Easter egg fillers. I have also included some fun DIY options!

Happy Hunting!!
  • marbles
  • packages of fruit snacks
  • erasers
  • Magic Jelly Beans (click on the link for a free printable envelope)
  • cars/dinkies
  • hair bows/clips/elastics (buy them or make your own using the tutorials found here)
  • finger puppets (buy them or make your own using the tutorial found here)
  • dollar store watches (I found some really cute Toy Story ones for $2)
  • recycled crayons (DIY with the tutorial you can find here.)
  • silly bands
  • pieces of LEGO or LEGO minifigures
  • socks 
  • goldfish or raisins (great for little ones!)
  • playdough
  • bubbles
  • felt play food (click the link for a full tutorial)
  • craft supplies
  • Easter cookie decorations (e.g. sprinkles)
  • bookmarks
  • dollar store trinkets

I would love to hear some of your ideas.  Let me know your favorite ideas for Easter egg fillers.

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

PS (If your little ones loves "Elf on the Shelf", you can download a free Elf on the Shelf Easter card here.)


  1. my boys usually get a sun hat since the warmer weather is on it's way

  2. This year we are putting puzzle pieces in their eggs since they are loving puzzles!

    1. Cute idea, Zara! I bet my boys would love that. :-)

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