Camping Crafts and Activities

Summer is a wonderful time to get out and explore nature, but sometimes a major outdoor camping trip isn't possible. So today, I am sharing some "indoor" camping crafts and activities that are simple and fun... and you won't even need to put up a tent. 

To make a paper tent:

1) Cut a tent from a piece of colored paper, cut out doors, and glue the tent to a piece of white card stock.
2) Glue a picture of a child inside the tent.
3) Draw a tree, and create leaves by gluing on crumpled 1-inch tissue paper squares.
4) Embellish with crayons and a yellow, circle sun.

To make paper towel roll binoculars:

1) Cut a paper towel roll to create two equal parts.
2) Use duct tape to attach the two pieces together.
3) Embellish with crayons and stickers.

To make a handprint fire:

1) Trace a child's hands to create the flames.
2) Glue strips to create "logs".
3) Add a paper stick and a cotton ball "marshmallow".

To make an indoor camp fire:

1) Put a flashlight in a bowl.
2) Crumple tissue paper to create flames.

Indoor camping is always a lot of fun, and it is a wonderful way to spend a rainy day. Happy camping!

Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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