Hockey Party Food

My boys are huge hockey fans, so it was no surprise that my oldest son chose "hockey" as the theme for his 9th birthday party.  It was a fantastic party, and today I am sharing the fun hockey party food we had at our party "canteen".

We had fruit and veggie trays, and we added some hockey themed treats.  We offered:

  • Playoff Pizza
  • Rink Chips
  • Olympic Hockey Gold Coins
  • Bulldog Bars (because my son plays for a team called the "Bulldogs")
  • Hockey Pucks (aka Oreos)

The food table decor also added to the festivities.  We used a plastic tablecloth for a backdrop and added some hockey cards.  I also added a picture of my son playing hockey and one of him with the captain of his favorite team.  And, finally, I made a "canteen" sign from a piece of dollar store foam core with hockey tape around the edges.

And, of course, the most important food at a party is the cake.  You can find the tutorial for this awesome hockey cake here

I think this hockey party food is perfect for a hockey birthday, end of season team gathering, or Stanley Cup Final party.  Do you have a hockey fan in your home?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

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